In 1998, ALG set out with the principle of başar the highest quality product, the most favorable price ve. In the last 21 years, ALG has succeeded in becoming a brand in domestic and foreign markets with its innovative and competitive product variety.  Almi and Essu branded children's clothing with a different color, R & D investments and professional workforce by giving importance to the aim of being a world-class business. Today, our company is engaged in manufacturing in an indoor area of ​​12.000 m², and is one of the few companies with integrated facilities in the sector. ALG has made no concessions on the principles of honest service, quality and trust throughout its life, and its mission is to increase its brand value.

The positive reflection of our happy and peaceful working environment has created our vision of mutual satisfaction and we will continue to be happy and happy with the same vision. We aim to be an indispensable brand with the importance given to the service, quality and confidence circles, to be an indispensable brand;